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I am in my second year on the Advisory Board of the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center. I am also in my second year as Chair. The MACC is a beautiful facility on the banks of Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin at 600 River Street. It is the center piece of the Rainey Street Historic District. The facility was designed and built by CasaBella + Del Campo and Maru and the late Mexican Architect Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon.

It's programming is extensive. Herlinda Zamora and her staff have done much to promote the Hispanic Arts and provide outstanding exhibitions and programing for our audiences and students. The
Latino Arts Residency Program is outstanding and continues to grow. We are currently in the process of trying to complete the MACC. My colleagues on the board and I have created a new scope of work for the Master Plan to complete the facility. Currently, city staff is negotiating with the architect Jaime Beaman of Casabella Architects to complete the master plan process. A major part of that process includes the engagement of the community in Austin to inform the completion.

I look forward to continue working with Laura Esparza, Herlinda Zamora, the board, staff and community stakeholders to advance the MACC during my tenure. Special thanks to Councilwoman Leslie Pool for appointing me to the board.

Please come by the MACC, often if you live in Austin, and make it one of your destinations when you come to visit. You will be amazed at the breadth and quality of the activity that occurs within these walls and grounds. To learn more about the MACC please go to our
website and sign up for our newsletter.

Peru, Chile & Easter Island

In June of 2014, my sister Leticia, two of her friends, Norma and Gerry and I traveled to Peru, Santiago, Chile and Easter Island. The first part of our journey was to Peru where we spent 2 days at Machu Pichu, took a bus trip down the Inca Trail and a beautiful train ride through the mountains. From there our trip continued to Santiago, Chile where we had some tremendous meals and then boarded a plane to Easter Island. The trip was fantastic, but only now have I gotten around to share photos and will likely write a bit about the adventure. The following photo album contains lots of random photos from the trip. They aren't in any specific order and there are quite a few and some duplicates. There are 33 pages of pics. If you don't have time to view them all, go to page 22 and start there. I hope you enjoy!
Peru, Chile & Easter Island


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My travels have taken me to the South Seas, England, the Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Chile, and Easter Island. The places that have impacted me most are in the South Pacific. There I have found people from which we have much to learn. Please enter these parts of my site for a glimpse at the people I have encountered and what they have taught me.

Kia Orana

A Poem

In September of 2000 I traveled as part of a Maori tour group to the 8th Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture in Noumea, New Caledonia.

I'm pictured to the bottom left at Taco Taco, the only "Mexican Food Restaurant" in Noumea. My traveling companions were primarily Maori artists, musicians and film people.

Unlike, my initial trip to the 6th Festival in the Cook Islands, it was my engagement with these individuals and other Maori I met along the way that made this trip particularly special. The Festival activities were full of magical moments, as were New Zealand and New Caledonia. On the pages linked below I share a variety of images and stories from this experience.

The Journey Begins

The First Days

The Seafaring Tradition




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The beach at Anse Vata on the southern end of Grande Terre, the mainland of New Caledonia.


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Work History

After five years of retirement I rejoined the workforce at the Texas Health Institute currently working on Development. 

In retirement I had the pleasure of serving as the studio assistant for Carolyn and Jose Vasquez, co-owners of Paloma's Nest an internet based business making Handcrafted Modern Heirlooms in ceramic and wood. 

Prior to working for Ms. Vasquez I served in a variety of capacities at the Texas Commission on the Arts, from 1977 until August of 2007, when I retired as Executive Director. 

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