Fishing in the Lagoon
(16" Platter, Low Fire Clay & Glazes)

Low Fire Platter
(17" Dia.)

Stoneware & Carved African Walnut Canteen
(8" Dia. hollow ring)

Queen of the Bean
The Queen of the Bean was commissioned for Dos Frijoles Restaurant in Austin, Texas in 1998. Clay sculpted body cast, plywood and found objects.

When I Look Out My Window is an electronic image that was produced for a simulataneous public webcast at Republic Square in Austin, Texas. The thematic event "What I See When I Look Out My Window" was produced by Cinque Hicks. The view outside my office window was the Texas State Capitol, pictured here at night.

The text reads: Looking Out My Window I See 181 Empty Seats, They Await Courageous Leadership and Stewardship, They Await a Selfless Vision and Understanding, Like Me, They Await Enlightened Men & Women

Model for "Penance Chair" from the series, "Functional Relics for the Urban Catholic"

Front View
Priest Side
Spiked Chair
Confession Window



Acrylic & Graphite on Panel
Painted in 2009 while working as a production assistant for Caroline Colom
Vasquez at Paloma's Nest. Daily I was supervised by her black cat, Gordo!